Can I Afford Custom Software?

Custom anything can sound exorbitant, can’t it? Whether it’s a custom vehicle upgrade, a custom-built home, or custom software, dollar signs are bound to enter our minds. Can I afford this? Isn’t it only something that big-budget businesses should pursue?

The answer might surprise you.

The beauty of custom software is just that–it’s custom. That means the creation of it, implementation, and payment arrangements are all set up to fit your individual situation. It’s easy to look at the overall sticker price and feel like it’s out of reach. But it’s critical to look at the big picture when considering your software needs–break even might be closer than you think.

Some things to consider:
Are you paying high monthly fees for off-the-shelf software solutions?
How much time and money are you wasting using tech tools that don’t meet your needs?
What are the human resource costs in efficiency and employee frustration?
Are you paying additional fees for multiple users/licenses?
Are customers and income streams suffering when errors are made due to manual entry or multiple location data entry?
Are you paying for non-custom software features that you don’t need or use?

Don’t take this the wrong way. Custom software is not for everybody. But it can be completely worth the investment of time and money in the right situation. Too often it’s overlooked as an out-of-budget option when in reality the payoff might be closer than you think.

Need help weighing the pros and cons of custom software for your business? Give us a shout.

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