Case Study: Kiwi-Tek

When you work in an ever-changing field like healthcare, you have to be on top of your game. All. the. time. Indianapolis-based Kiwi-Tek lives and breathes the (often wild) world of healthcare through offering top-notch medical coding expertise to providers around the country.

With drastic healthcare changes looming, the growing company realized they needed to become super organized, efficient, and cost-savvy–fast. That’s when they called us.

Making HR Manageable Through Digital Solutions

Simply put, they needed to get all of their HR ducks in a row. They were using a variety of methods and systems to recruit, hire, train, and test more than 150 employees (medical coders regularly take certification and licensing exams). Frankly it was getting to be too cumbersome to handle. For example, they used a giant Excel spreadsheet to keep track of applicants and employees. It was hard to track specifics like areas of expertise and there was no tie-in to the education and training of those people. Applicants and employees were given paper exams, which then had to be manually (and time-intensively) graded by a Kiwi-Tek employee.

After diving into Discovery with them, we realized that a custom software solution was the best answer. Having all HR matters contained within one integrated system would allow them to access and update information in a flash, as well as administer exams online (bye, bye paper copies!).

The New and Improved Kiwi-Tek

Can you hear the sighs of relief? Life at Kiwi-Tek is easier these days with a state-of-the-art custom software system in place. Administrators can find what they need in a flash, applicant and employee information is updated in one place, one time, and manually graded tests are no more. And the efficiency gained not only lowered stress, but cut costs, too. The icing on the cake? The new software solution has allowed the company to grow their medical coding staff by nearly 100 employees.

If you feel the weight of clunky or unmanageable computer systems at work, let us help. We’re happy to just have a conversation first; no strings attached. If we’re not the best solution for you, we’ll point you in the right direction. Get in touch today.

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