Case Study: The State of Indiana

Picture this: you’ve written a letter. A very important letter that needs to go out to four different people. You make four copies of the same letter and have it delivered to each party. As each person opens their letter, looks of confusion cross their faces. They turn the page upside down trying to make sense of it. But it’s no use. Everyone speaks a different language. And you’ve written it in your own, making it impossible for the others to decode. #failwhale

Here’s where the art of system integration comes in. At OuterLimits, we specialize in making complex information systems speak the same language and play nicely together. It all comes down to the sharing of information, and how to make that as seamless and efficient as possible between systems.

Saving the State of Indiana–and Taxpayers–Big Bucks

State agencies all serve their own purposes, but have to work together and share information constantly. Agencies often have their own software systems in place and they don’t always communicate well—or at all—with systems at other agencies. Information sometimes has to be manually updated in multiple places by multiple people, opening the door for errors and major inefficiencies.

Example: Many children in Indiana are eligible for state-sponsored healthcare up to age 1. OuterLimits helped the State of Indiana integrate systems so that when a medical claim is made, the Medicaid office can retrieve birth certificate details immediately from the Department of Health to verify eligibility. No room for human error (or fraudulence). No delay waiting for information to be collected.

This is just one small example. OuterLimits has partnered with the state of Indiana on multiple large-scale projects, including implementing a complex online vehicle registration system for the Bureau of Motor Vehicles, saving the state over $4.5 million. We also streamlined contract and claims procedures for the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration.

Maybe you aren’t dealing with multi-million dollar cash flows. Maybe you just have small scale systems making you crazy because they can’t play nicely. We’d love to talk to you about how we might be able to help. Connect with us today!

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