Mobile App Usage Soaring

It’s no surprise that mobile apps are still popular. Smartphone sales are vibrant and the diversity of apps grows by the hour. But what might surprise you is the rate of growth–and the ages of those using them most.

A recent Nielsen report shows that U.S. Android and iPhone users ages 18 and up spend 65 percent more time each month using apps than they did just two short years ago: 30 hours, 15 minutes (fourth quarter, 2013) on average. That’s some serious app time, especially compared to just a year or two ago.

And how old are these heavy app users? Smartphone owners in the 25-44 years old category use the greatest number of apps per month (29 on average), but 18-24 year-olds spend the most concentrated time on them (around 37 hours, 6 minutes). But don’t make the mistake of ruling out the AARP crowd. Users ages 55+ spend more than 21 hours a month using an average of 22 different apps.

So what does all of this mean to you as a business owner or employee?

One word: Opportunity.

Consider how you can grow your business through a mobile app. Maybe it’s an internal tool to streamline or improve your processes. Or maybe it’s a direct way for you to interact with your customers. What needs can you meet? How can you invite engagement and turn prospects into loyal customers? The sky is the limit.

But that limitlessness can be intimidating. Mobile apps can take on almost any shape or function that you want them to. So it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where we come in. If you’re tossing around the idea of whether to develop a mobile app for your business or not, turn to us. We’re happy to dream big with you.

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