Software for Startups: Where to Begin

You’re starting a new business and your head is spinning. You have a million details to tackle–where to even start? Software is not likely to be high on your priority list. But don’t underestimate the importance of it. Getting the right software in place at the beginning can save you time, money, and frustrations down the road.

To start with, let’s just throw out some software types you’ll want to consider:

  • Accounting/payroll
  • Invoicing
  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Time tracking
  • Marketing
  • Human resources
  • Project management

Thanks to today’s digital marketplace, software choices abound. While a smorgasbord of choices can be nice, it can also overwhelm. Here are some questions to help you whittle down your options:

Will the software make my job easier? Plain and simple. Does it look easy to learn and use? Will my employees find it helpful or cumbersome?

Does it meet the needs of the business? There’s no reason to choose software that isn’t a good fit. If the software under-delivers or is more complex than necessary, keep looking.

Will the software grow with you? Business may take off faster than you think and you want software to be scalable.

What type of support is offered? If you need help learning or troubleshooting, how readily will help be available? What are the costs associated with that?

Is custom software the best option? Sometimes off-the-shelf software is the best option. But sometimes it’s not. Don’t rule out custom software.

Not sure where to start? We’d love to help you consider your options. Let’s talk sooner rather than later.

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