About Us

OuterLimits: A Personal Approach

We’re a software development company with top-notch technical expertise, but also the desire to serve real people with real integrity. We create solutions that are specific to your needs, doing exactly what you need—no more and no less.

Process Automation

Streamlining processes saves time and effort, boosting productivity and profitability. We study every aspect of your existing process to understand your goals. We’ll quash unproductive steps and make better use of users’ time and skills. Just as important, we’ll tell you when IT isn’t the right answer.

Our professional staff of industry leaders and developers delivers results in:

Founded by Hoosier native Chris Straw in 2003, our focus at OuterLimits is simple. We listen to you and discover your unique business needs and goals. Then we provide the best possible solution using cutting-edge technology. And just as important, we’ll tell you when IT isn’t the right answer for you. We roll up our sleeves as partners with you in streamlining your processes and reducing expenses.

We’d love to hear from you and see how we can help.